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Rates updated AUG. 2009
Rates are subject to negotiation.
If you sign up for a free trial, you can drop with no obligation.

Service Per year One-time Setup
Full-color spread on one or more web pages on your own directory: /yourname $200 $125
Access to Cabin Owners screen, allowing you to enter and update your own rates page
(includes userid same as your directory)
included included

Yearly fee includes all programming maintenance and upgrades.
Cabin Owner must agree that we reserve the right to edit and/or approve content for clarity and to fit in with the site theme.

We reserve the right to decline to list cabins which
we feel do not fit in with our theme, or for any other reason!


Step one:

Choose a name for your cabin.
It should be descriptive of the cabin,
and help prospective Customers keep its special features in mind.

(examples: "logcabin", "bigcabin", "summitchalet", "treehouse", "thewoods", etc.)

Step two: fill out the form below!

Fill out all or part of this form, you will get a swift response.

First Name Last Name
Street Address City Zip
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Telephone Number (optional) CELL number (optional)
Email Address (or enter none) Location (Big Bear Area only, please!)
Cabin Street Address
How many Bedrooms? How many Bathrooms? How many does it sleep? Jacuzzi? Spa? Sauna?
Close to lake or ski? Treed lot? Pool table/other? TV/Cable/Sat? VCR/games? Pool table?

Other Information (NAME you chose, address, location, other amenities, etc.)

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How the site works:

Once you choose a name, you will receive a temporary password.
Go to the login page (name will be provided).

Once in, you will see the Cabin Owner's screen, select "go to my rates page".

ENTER DATA! Enter rates, select page colors, enter free-form text or descriptions, and check off the dates which are "taken". When you check them off on this page, it tells the program to X them out on the page you publish.
You will be able to maintain this page to explain special conditions, special rates, etc., and you can cross out days that are takent.
In addition, you can enter one line of data that appears on the front page of with your special message, if any. You can change this any time you log into the "rates and dates" page.
In addition, you can view statistics, or go to the upload screen to send pictures and information for entry to your webpage (we do this).

DEMO! Check out whether the colors and appearance are suitable, and make sure that the right dates are X'd out. This is your chance to make sure that the info is correct.
If not correct, select the button to go back to the ENTER screen.
If correct, select the button to PUBLISH.

PUBLISH! This is the page which the prospective renter will see. The customer will see the available dates at a glance, and can check off the ones that fit in with their plans. The dates you indicated as taken are X'd out, and the customer does not have to worry about whether the cabin is free those days.

Everyone can immediately see what's available, select dates, and fill in a form with contact information -- name, address, email, etc. The program ensures that the user at least enters an email address, so that you can follow through.

The page you have created will be on our cognate site,

When you pay for your listing, your cabin will appear on the main webpage, and your web page will be created on your own subdirectory.

The front page is a subdirectory of with the name of your cabin (

PAY! You don't have to pay for the listing unless you are satisfied it will work for you. A bill will be sent after a while, and you may decide to pay it. If not, no obligation and we part as friends; if you decide to stay on the site, Welcome!

Prospective customers can contact you three ways: 1) Signup sheets, which are targeted at open days only; 2) Email communications which shield your real email to deter spammers; 3) Telephone number you may list on your site.

No links to other websites,
for example where your cabin is already listed, are permitted.

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